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The new Apollo XL can cut materials up to 20mm (3/4”) thick. It cuts cleanly, accurately, without dust and without noise.

  • 3 x Quick Change Tool Cartridges

  • An integrated laser sight line (all tools share a common cut line)

  • An integral counter balance which reduces operator fatigue and leaves hands free for loading material

  • Two production stops, making repeat cuts for production runs quick and accurate

  • Two Quick Stops for added lateral support

  • A full-length clamping system, dual clamps on the 250cm and 310cm models

  • 5 year guarantee on all parts

  • 20 year guarantee on the cutting head bearing

Capable of cutting materials such as aluminium composites, PVC foam board, corrugated plastics, honeycomb board, magnetic sheet, MDF, aluminium up 1mm thick, acrylic up to 6mm thick (score and break), glass up to 6mm thick (score and break), make your own tray signs with the V-Groove aluminium composite cutting head and much more!


Available in 4 sizes (sizes refer to maximum cut height): 165cm (65"), 210cm (85"), 250cm (100") and 310cm (122")

  • PVC foam board up to 13mm (1/2") 

  • Corrugated plastics up to 20mm (3/4") 

  • Foamboard up to 20mm (3/4") 

  • Honeycomb board up to 20mm (3/4") 

  • Most other semi-rigid plastics

  • Magnetic sheet up to 4mm 

  • Aluminium composites up to 4mm

  • MDF up to 3mm


Cuts using optional tools:

  • Aluminium sheet 1mm (0.040")

  • Acrylic up to 6mm (1/4") Score and Break

  • Glass up to 6mm (1/4") Score and Break

  • V-Groove aluminium composites 


Cutting Head Capabilities

#1 PVC Tool Head

Cuts PVC foam board, semi-rigid plastics and similar materials up to 10mm thick. 

#2 Aluminium Composite Tool Head

Cuts Aluminium Composite (ACM, ACP, Dibond etc), magnetic sheet up to 4mm thick and MDF up to 3mm thick.

#6 20mm Foamboard Head

Cuts PVC foam, corrugated plastics, foamboard and honeycomb board up to 20mm thick.


Supplied with the #1 PVC Tool Head and pack of 100 Medium Duty Utility Blades, the #2 Aluminium Composite Tool Head fitted with a wheel set and the #6 20mm Foamboard Tool Head and a pack of 5 Heavy Duty Utility Blades. 

Material not listed? Send us a sample and we will show you the possibilities...



New Cutting Head

The all new AXL cutting head takes interchangeable tool cartridges and features a fully integrated laser sightline so you know exactly where you cut line will be. 


Quick Stops

Two quick stops provide extra lateral support at whatever height you require. The quick stops can also be used for holding boards at an angle if needed.


Production Stops

Two production stops (left and right handed) make repeat cuts for production runs quick and accurate.


Squaring Arm Adjuster Blocks

Two squaring adjuster blocks (left and right handed) are fitted as standard. The precise screw adjustment provides a permanent and accurate squaring solution. 

Wall mounted as standard. Optional Free Standing Kit and Extension Kit (to extend the whole machine) available to purchase separately. 

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