Board cutter

The Europa is our standard cutting rail and lowest price cutting solution but this is no entry level product. The unique multi cavity, single extrusion design is lightweight and guaranteed straight to 0.4mm (.016”).     It is portable and offers an inbuilt rigidity allowing us to produce cutters up to 5m (200”) long. The Europa can cut materials up to 20mm thick and, like all of our table top cutters, it comes as standard with 100 x medium duty utility blades, 1 x acrylic scoring blade and 1 x 45mm textile cutting wheel and holder





The Europa is available in 10 sizes:

•60cm (24”)  •100cm (40”) •150cm (60”)  •200cm (80”) •250cm(100”) 

•300cm (120”) •350cm (140”)  •400cm (160”) •450cm (180”)   •500cm (200”)

The cutting head, which features an ergonomically designed handle is common to all Trimalco cutter rails.  The head can be pushed or pulled and requires no dexterity whatsoever making it equally suitable for use by both left and right-handed users.

Europa cutting head
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Elevator set
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Adding a pair of elevators will allow the Europa to raise and lower either end of the cutter bar making it possible to align and cut the largest workpiece singlehanded.

3 Standard blades
• Utility Blade • Textile Wheel • Acrylic Scoring Blade
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Europa Cutting Capabilities:

•Acrylic (Score and snap) • Cardboard • Foamboard • Banners • Fabric and textiles • Corrugated plastic • Polystyrene • Foamboard • Magnetic sheet • Self adhesive vinyl • Inkjet Media • Film • Paper • PVC Foamboard  and much more… We will provide a test cut on request for any sample materials you send to us.


The Europa can be used on an existing work surface or alternatively it can be paired with one of our purpose built Atlas Tables to create the perfect cutting station.


Atlas Workbench
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