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The ultimate horizontal cutting solution. This package deal contains the Helios All-in-One Cutter Bar, ATLAS Workbench and Material Guide & Stop with a saving of 10% on all components when bought together as the TRITON. 


This work-station will allow you to ensure an accurate (0.4mm over the length of the cutter), square cut every time with the Helios paired with the Material Guide and Stop as it provides the perfect stop to prevent movement of material during the cutting process. Mounted onto the purpose built ATLAS work table, your versatile cutting system will be ready to use whenever you need it. 


Capable of cutting materials such as PVC foam board, banners, vinyl, inkjet media, fabric & textiles, film, paper, leather, corrugated plastics, cardboard, magnetic sheet, acrylic (score and break), aluminium composite (score and break), polystyrene and more!

 For more details on each module, see the information below

    Integrated base. Lightweight. Portable. Our most versatile cutting system yet - ready to use out of the box.

    Perfect for portable or fixed bench top use. It is lightweight - ranging from 8kg up to 30kg (half the weight of similar products on the market).

    Guaranteed straight to 0.4mm (0.016") over it's full length.

    Please be aware that unlike a traditional safety edge where the blade runs directly alongside the ruler's edge, on a cutter bar due to the configuration of the cutting head on the track, the cut line will be a distance of 1mm away from the metal extrusions edge. This is to prevent damage from the blade and extend its working life.

  • Integrated base plate- no set up or adjustment required

  • Two full length silicone strips on the underside will prevent slippage as well as protect your work surface

  • The Helios can be completely portable or mounted your purpose built Atlas Table

  • Available in cut lengths: 160cm (24”), 210cm (40”), 260cm (60”), 310cm (80”)

    Purpose built workbench for the HELIOS All-In-One Cutting System which allows you to create the perfect cutting station. 

    The bench has adjustable feet so you can ensure it's level, even where floors are slightly uneven. 

    We suggest using an 18mm (3/4") worktop with the ATLAS Bench. Recommended worktop sizes per bench size listed below. (Worktop not included) 


    Accurately position your material as it feeds through your cutter bar to ensure an exact square edge when cutting. 

    The Material Guide and stop also has a full length metric and imperial scale to simplify cutting of pre-defined and repeat size work pieces - simply set the stop to the correct measurement, lock it in place with the thumb screw, feed your material in and cut. 

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