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The Nemesis features integral lift mechanisms and a three piece base which is fastened with screws to the table top.

Two locating pegs are used to position the cutter rail which can be removed from its base station for use elsewhere.

Capable of cutting materials up to 20mm thick such as PVC foam board, banners, vinyl, inkjet media, fabric & textiles, film, paper, leather, corrugated plastics, cardboard, magnetic sheet, acrylic (score and break), aluminium composite (score and break), polystyrene and more!

Guaranteed straight to 0.4mm (0.016") over it's full length.

  • Three full length silicone grip strips, two on the cutter and one on the base, aid clamping and help protect the material of the surface being cut

  • 5 year guarantee on all parts

  • 20 year guarantee on the cutting head bearings

Supplied with 3 blades as standard - utility blade (pack of 100), a textile wheel and an acrylic scoring blade.

When cutting flexible materials with the rotary textile cutter, it is advised that a piece of sacrificial material such as a cutting mat is used to cut against (it doesn't need to be any wider than the baseplate) as this edition cuts into an integral groove which is designed for rigid materials.



Available in 10 cut lengths: 60cm (24”), 100cm (40”), 150cm (60”), 200cm (80”), 250cm(100”), 300cm (120”), 350cm (140”), 400cm (160”), 450cm (180”) and 500cm (200”).


The Nemesis can be used on an existing work surface or alternatively it can be paired with one of our purpose built Atlas Tables to create the perfect cutting station.

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