Integrated cutting system

The Nemesis combines the functionality of the Europa cutter rail, table mount (no longer available) and elevators in one integrated unit. A fixed docking station fastens with screws to an existing flat table surface. The cutter rail section can be lifted from the docking station and used like the Europa leaving the table free for other work. An integral lift mechanism on each end of the unit allows for easy material loading. The base extrusion incorporates a narrow groove that safely accepts the blade tip during cutting and provides the perfect foundation for your work. Three full length silicone grip strips, 2 on the cutter and one on the base to aid clamping and provide essential protection for sensitive surfaces. 

The Nemesis is available in 10 sizes:

•60cm (24”)  •100cm (40”) •150cm (60”)  •200cm (80”) •250cm(100”) 

•300cm (120”) •350cm (140”)  •400cm (160”) •450cm (180”)   •500cm (200”)

The cutting head, which features an ergonomically designed handle is common to all Trimalco cutter rails.  The head can be pushed or pulled and requires no dexterity whatsoever making it equally suitable for use by both left and right-handed users.

Europa cutting head
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Integral lift mechanism
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An integral lift mechanism on each end of the unit allows for easy material loading.

3 Standard blades
• Utility Blade • Textile Wheel • Acrylic Scoring Blade
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Nemesis cutting capabilities:

•Acrylic (Score and snap) • Cardboard • Foamboard • Banners • Fabric and textiles • Corrugated plastic • Polystyrene • Foamboard • Magnetic sheet • Self adhesive vinyl • Inkjet Media • Film • Paper • PVC Foamboard       Plus many more… We will produce a test cut on request for any of these as well as materials not mentioned.


The Nemesis can be attached to an existing work table or to one of our purpose built Atlas tables to create the perfect cutting station.


Atlas Workbench
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