Safety straight edge

Using a utility knife
Using a rotary cutter
Pen lining
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The Artemis safety straight edge is a simple and effective solution to assist in the safe cutting of many of the materials used in the modern Sign and Graphics industries.

This top-quality straight edge has been engineered in extruded aluminium and anodised for lasting protection. The Artemis has been specially shaped to help focus downward pressure on clamping the work piece and to protect the fingers against any tool slippages. A full-length metric/imperial scale is fitted along the front edge and a press fit stainless steel bead helps to protect the aluminium edge from blade damage. 

The Artemis is an essential aid for cutting, scoring and pen lining. The underside features two full length silicone inserts to assist gripping and to provide essential protection for sensitive surfaces.





The Artemis is available in 6 sizes:

•60cm (24”)  •100cm (40”) •150cm (60”)  •200cm (80”) •250cm(100”)  •300cm (120”) 

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